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Glamour Tutorial

Hi everyone this is my first tutorial ever so please bare with me.  If this is similar to anyone else it is by coincidence only and this tutorial is assuming you have knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.  If you use this tut for groups and forums please leave me a comment and I would love to see your creations.  Hope you enjoy.


This is my Glamour sig and here are your supplies needed:

Plugin:  Filters Unlimited
Tube of Choice I got mine from here Clairs Designs
Glamour Scrapkit from here Rebellious Scraps
Mask of Choice Mine is from here Kandi Kissez Mask6KK13
Font Simply Glamours Here

1.  Open up a new canvas 800 X 800 resize later.

2.  Open frame 1, frame 4 and tube of your choice and place them as I have mine leaving each on their own      

3.  Open Paper 9 then on your frame 4 click in the first frame go to Selections- Modify- expand by 7 and on a new layer paste into selection do this for the other 2 frames left.

4.  On each of the paper layers go to Filters Unlimited- Color Effects - Invert Lightness Keep Color and repeat for the other 2 frames.

5.  Go back to the frame 4 and again click inside frames on new layers paste into selections poses or close ups of your tube.

6.  Now on a new layer arrange so it is on the bottom select all and paste into selection Paper 1 open mask then on your paper 1 layer load mask from your image after that merge group and go to Filters Unlimited-color effects- Solorize Soft

7.  Add a Drop Shadow to everything with these settings V=4 H=2 Opacity=78 Blur=5 shadow black

8.  Decorate as you would like with elements add name and copyrights resize as you like and your finished save as PNG if you want a transparent background otherwise with the drop shadow it will mess it up if you save as a gif.

Another Result from Rosey 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My new layout

I am so excited about my new layout Big Thanks to my friend Lori of P4DSDesignz I love it so go check out her amazing site.  *hugs*

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