Monday, July 22, 2013

Tag show off

Just had to show off my new tag I made using Amy Marie's Kits from a raffle I won at Graphics Groove forum and the tube is summer lolita from pics for design.  Just click the links to go to the products.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Forum Set Tut

Hey everyone I have a new tut for you  called Constellations:


Tube Of Choice: I used Amanda from Pics for design exclusive from Disco Science.

Font:  Virgin Love

Drop Shadow: 1,1,100,10.00 Black;

Scrapkit: PTU My Peacock scrapkit you can purchase from any of my stores.

1.  Open 600 X 250 new image
2.  Tube of choice and pic a color to use from  tube and flood fill the background.
3.  Use your Photo-effex-scanlines with default settings. Duplicate 2 times now add the Xenofex2: Constellations to all 3 and hit random seed on each of them.
4.  New layer and pick another color from your tube and flood fill now go to selections select all contract by 25 selections invert and hit delete.
5.  Go to Photo-effex-scanlines and use default settings or you can play with the settings a bit to your liking I have darkened the dark band strength a bit.
6.  New layer flood fill with another tube color then select all contract by 2 and hit delete now you have a border.
7.  Now while on that layer go to dsb-flux bright noise and mix button and use your judgement on the settings on how you would like it to look. Apply Dropshadow.
8.  Open your tube and put in the center.
9.  Open frame from kit and position on each side of your tube on new layers.
10. Now copy your tube and position on a new layer under each frame as to how you would like them.
11. Now on the frame layer click inside the frame with the magic wand tool and invert then go to the tube layers and hit delete to delete the excess of the tube. Add Dropshadows to your liking on the blend         mode I used luminance(L).
12. Add as many elements as you like your name and copyright and your done.


1.  Open animation shop.
2.  Go to PSP now close out 2 of the bg layers with the constellation settings on them.
3.  Go to Edit-copy special-copy merged.
4.  Go to animation shop and edit-paste as new image.
5.  Repeat 2 through 4 for each of the background layer then save and look at your animation.

               (I didn't animate)

1.  Open 150 X 150 new image.
2.  Use the same background color and the same photo-scanlines effect.
3.  Repeat the same steps in 6 and 7 for the boarder. And repeat steps 4 and 5 for the second bg color.
4.  Now use your tube as you would like it to look for your av. Add your initial copyrights and your done.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Free License for a limited time

Hey all I am offering my license free for a limited time.

If you would like it please do the following:  Please post your info in this post.


Thanks everyone *hugs*